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The BIOGANADERÍA line of products for intestinal health in ruminants is made from a mixture of monoglycerides, diglycerides and triglycerides of medium and short chain fatty acids, as well as mixtures of vegetable extracts. Among the variety of actions performed by the products in this line are:

  • Exponentially increasing the cellulolytic activity of the microbial population in the rumen.

  • Increase the amount of protozoa and bacteria, thus increasing the amount of performance proteins available for meat and milk production.

  • Dramatically improve fat digestibility.

  • Significantly decrease enteric problems and malabsorption due to modulation of intestinal microflora.

  • Stimulate appetite and liver function.

  • Decrease the number of somatic cells in milk.

  • Achieve a more efficient digestive process by modulating the ruminal microbiome.

In short, its applications in terms of intestinal health are wide and varied.

At BIOGANADERIA we work together with our clients to find the best way to ensure the intestinal health of a farm.

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