We know that animal feed is one of the most important driving forces for our health and well-being. That is why at BIOGANADERÍA we consider it essential to use healthy and safe feed as a guarantee of animal health and food safety.


Always keeping in mind this objective of taking care of this engine for good health that is animal feed, BIOGANADERIA products contribute to the European food safety system “From farm to fork”, one of the cornerstones of the general food legislation. With this approach, BIOGANADERIA expressed its commitment to animal health by developing its lines of mycotoxin binders, antifungals, acidifiers, hygienisers, antioxidants, etc.

  Finally, BIOGANADERÍA’s commitment to animal and human health has led it to pursue the development of products that not only regulate and maintain animal health but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The innovative additives that BIOGANADERÍA produces help to reduce the carbon footprint, water pollution and carbon emissions associated with livestock farming.
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