BIOGANADERÍA was born with the commitment to produce nutritional additives of the highest quality, with animal health and performance as the ultimate goal. Knowing the vital importance of raw materials and wanting to ensure their maximum quality, BIOGANADERÍA develops and produces its own additives. But our commitment is not only to the animal and its welfare, but also to the farmer. This same commitment is what leads BIOGANADERÍA to actively participate in the renovation that livestock processes undergo, which is why the animal health products we develop and our joint work with the farmer ensure the intestinal health of any farm.

At BIOGANADERÍA, we have a technical and commercial team with years of experience in the livestock and veterinary sector with a common goal: to offer our customers comprehensive, fast and completely personalised advice and technical assistance. Our technical team researches, develops and produces the raw materials that are later mixed, resulting in BIOGANADERIA products. Our sales team makes sure to know the customer’s needs and allows coordination between the customer and the technical team, ensuring the best advice for the optimal use of the products in any farm.

We are producers of nutritional additives for all types of livestock. In BIOGANADERIA we produce two different lines of products: our GUT HEALTH line and our FOOD HEALTH line. All BIOGANADERIA products are composed of plant extracts and mono, di and triglycerides of medium and short chain fatty acids, mixed in different master formulas. With products differentiated by species and personal advice for each farm, ensuring the health and well-being of your animals is within reach.

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